Blue Clay Mask

Blue Clay Mask

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Detoxifying Treatment. Formulated with detoxifying Cambrian Blue Clay, this mask draws our impurities and clears blemishes. Ideal as a spot treatment, it can also be used as a full face mask. 


In a dish, add a small amount of powder and slowly add water until a paste forms. Apply to face with fingers or mask brush and let dry. Remove with warm water.


100% Natural

Cambrian Blue Clay: Cambrian Blue Clay is a rare clay and also one of the most beneficial to your skin. It is found in Siberian lakes and known for its clarifying and skin balancing properties. This clay penetrates deeply into your pores to draw out impurities while also helping your skin to maintain moisture. It also helps to reduce redness and puffiness on the surface of skin. 

Rose Geranium Essential Oil: A natural anti-inflammatory, beneficial in balancing both dry and oily skin types. 

Full list of ingredients: Cambrian Blue Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Pelargonium roseum asperum (Rose Geranium) Essential Oil